Mobile lighting towers Exclusive Italian Production

Lighting towers Gen-set powered


9 m height




Liquid cooled

4 x 300W LED
4 x 1000 W Metal halides

Gen-set poweredGen-set powered


Lighting tower with hydraulic lifting system. Doubtless the flagship of the range ITALTOWER, full of innovative solutions and composed by the best components of the market.

Technical specifications

  •  Hydraulic lifting lighting tower
  •  Zinc plating steel telescopic mast
  •  Mast and light 350° rotation
  •  Sound-proof diesel generator
  •  130 litres tank
  •  Coiled cable to power the headlights
  •  Slow single axle trolley with suspension
  •  4 adjustable in height and retractable stabilizers
  •  4 forklift guides for lifting machine
  •  1 single-phase output 230V 16A
  •  On/Off switch for each lamps
  •  Engine protection alarm
  •  Lockable doors 
  •  Zinc plating for outdoor application
  •  Epoxy powder painted structure for outdoor application

Principal components

Steel lifting cable composed by 133 micro-cables anti-torsion. Improving resistance and extending maintenance.

Coiled cable to power the headlight highly resistant and completely isolated.

350° mast rotation with locking system and safety handles.

Hydraulic lifting system with 7 extentions up to 9 mt maximum height.

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The towers ASTRID They are suitable for:

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Mining areas

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Large spaces

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Construction sites

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Road work sites

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Civil Defence