Mobile lighting towers Exclusive Italian Production

Lighting towers Gen-set powered


6 m height




Air cooled

4 x 57 W LED
4 x 150 W LED
4 x 500 W Halogen

Gen-set poweredGen-set powered


The lighting tower PEGASOTOWER is characterized by multiple engines combinations, ranging between different power and fuel supply.

Technical specifications

  •  Manual lifting lighting tower with 450 kg max auto brake winch
  •  Zinc plating telescopic steel mast with 4 extentions
  •  Open type gasoline or diesel generator
  •  Mast and lights 358° rotation
  •  2 single-phase output 230V 16A
  •  Trolley fitted out with 2 wheels and 2 retractable handles
  •  2 adjustable in height and retractable stabilizers
  •  2 forklift guides for lifting machine
  •  16 litres tank
  •  Zinc plating for outdoor application
  •  Epoxy powder painted structure for outdoor application

Principal components

2 CEE 220-230V sockets to power headlights and other tools.

358° mast rotation with locking system.

Kohler / Honda diesel gasoline engine well selected for their features. Optimum reliability and great performances for many applications. Linz Electric alternator.

Manual lifting winch 450 kg maximum weight.

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The towers PEGASO TOWER They are suitable for:

Aree minerarie

Mining areas

Grandi aree

Large spaces

Cantieri edili

Construction sites

>Cantieri stradali

Road work sites

Protezione civile

Civil Defence