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Would you like to be inspired by a lighting tower manufacturer producing modern solutions? Then Italtower is what you are looking for: take a few minutes to continue reading…

A large number of common situation require some proper lighting. We might not be aware of it so much, but while we’re busy with our daily life there are many people working for us at night - to build or repair roads, to harvest fields, to make it possible for an aircraft to land and so on: all these workers need to see clearly what is around them, and that is why lighting towers have become more and more important in the last decades.

Italtower is a company based in north-eastern Italy that is able to provide you with every possible solution if what you need is a lighting tower manufacturer with the right experience and who can be reliable. Among its products, several lighting towers, useful accessories and self priming motor pumps can be found, including:

  • horizontal lighting towers;
  • vertical lighting towers;
  • lighting tower alternator;
  • lighting tower accessories;
  • lighten tower motor.

Those who are searching for such items will be surely happy to have come across Italtower, the lighting tower manufacturer which catalogue can satisfy most applications that can be imagined, from airports to agricultural fields, from special shows to night construction zones.

The vertical lighting towers manufactured by Italtower, for example, have a maximum height of over 8 metres. They are all equipped with floodlights of different models and outputs, a suspension axle and doors with a lock, and various models are available (some with a sound-proofed canopy), because a good lighting tower manufacturer should always let you choose what is best for you.

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