Mobile lighting towers Exclusive Italian Production

Lighting towers Mast & Light


9 m height

4 x 300W LED
4 x 1000 W Metal halides

Mast & LightMast & Light


The lighting tower BASETOWER, characterized by a massive structure, must be connected to a power source such as a generator ELENTEK power division and provides wide illumination with its 9 meters in height with hydraulic lifting system.

Technical specifications

  •  Lighting tower without internal generator with hydraulic lifting system
  •  Vertical zinc plating steel telescopic mast
  •  Mast and light 350° rotation
  •  Coiled cable to power the headlights
  •  4 adjustable in height and retractable stabilizers
  •  8 forklift guides for lifting machine
  •  1 single-phase output 230V 32 A
  •  On/Off switch for each lamps
  •  Lockable doors
  •  Zinc plating for outdoor application
  •  Epoxy powder painted structure for outdoor application

Principal components

8 forklift guides in every side of the tower.

Connection in series with other units

350° mast rotation with locking system and safety handles.

Hydraulic lifting pump for floodlights mast 2,5 lt oil tank.

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Agricultural sectors

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Large events

Impianti sportivi

Sports complexes

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