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Lighting towers Gen-set powered

Gen-set poweredGen-set powered


Versatile, handy, compact and easy to use: these are just some of the features of the Fenix lighting tower. When you need a fast lighting system that is easy and practical to move, Fenix is what you need. Up to 23 units per container complete with 4 x 350 W (171,500 lumens) lights ensure an illuminated area of 4200 m².


Technical Specifications

• Lighting tower with manual lifting system and auto brake winch.
• Low noise diesel generator (65 dBA@7m)
• 105 litres tank
•  Bounded tank capacity 110%
• Fuel level indicator
• Site tow-trailer with single axle suspensions
• On-off switch for each lamp
• Lockable doors
• Large doors for maintenance
• Zinc plating and epoxy powder painted structure for outdoor application

7,5 m height




Liquid cooled

4 x 350W LED
4 x 1000 W Metal halides

Principal Components

Suspended axle with rubber suspension system. Thanks to the special hexagonal shape of the axles, the rubber elements work optimally conferring maximum excursion to the system.

Reclinable rudder Fenix is equipped with: · 2 adjustable stabilizer · 2 fix stabilizer ·1 tow-bar with wheel · suspended axle Movimentation, stabilization and storage operation are easier and faster thanks to this features.

Very compact dimensions. 23 units in 40’ container, 11 units in 20' container and 16 units in truck

Polizene profiles to cut down friction and extend components life.

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The towers FENIX They are suitable for:

Aree minerarie

Mining areas

Grandi aree

Large spaces

Cantieri edili

Construction sites

>Cantieri stradali

Road work sites

Protezione civile

Civil Defence