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Lighting towers Gen-set powered

Gen-set poweredGen-set powered


Lighting tower equipped with an internal diesel generator and hydraulic lifting system. Thanks to its powerful 350 W headlights, the possibility of reaching a high height makes it suitable for applications on large areas. The 4 stabilizers also make it resistant to wind and ideal for any surface.

Technical Specifications

  • Vertical lighting tower with powerful generator and hydraulic lifting system
  • Single phase 230V 16A output
  • Control unit able to monitor the status of the engine with a series of alarms
  • On-Off switch for each lamp
  • 4 height adjustable and rectractable stabilizers
  • 4 holes for forklift and 4 holes for transpallets
  • Lockable doors
  • Structure painted in oven with epoxy powders for outdoor application

8,5 m height




Liquid cooled

4 x 350 W LED
4 x 300 W Multiled
4 x 150 W Multiled

Principal Components

OCTAGON RANGE To make our lighting towers more resilient and durable over time our designers were inspired to create an octagonal base that allows for greater stability and stamina.

Emergency button. CEE socket 220-230V: - to connect other units in a series -to power other tools like drill

Polizene profiles to cut down friction and extend components life.

Adjustable and retractable stabilizers designed to optimize available container room and to easy transportation yard.

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The towers OKAPI They are suitable for:

Aree minerarie

Mining areas

Grandi aree

Large spaces

Cantieri edili

Construction sites

>Cantieri stradali

Road work sites

Protezione civile

Civil Defence