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Diesel light towers for sale

Would you be interested in light towers that have a diesel engine and they are for sale? If you are searching for the best quality at affordable prices, then you are interested in Italtower, too: read more about it!

In a diesel engine no spark is needed to activate the internal combustion, as the ignition is initiated by the heat of compression. Thanks to the extremely high compression ratio (compared to petrol engines), the compression-ignition engines have a very high thermal efficiency: diesel engines that run at low rpm (typically used in ships) can reach a thermal efficiency above 50%, while this value for petrol car engines is around 30%.

Our diesel light towers for sale have a wide range of applications, making Italtower a reference point in the field of lighting towers. Here are some of the characteristics of the motor:

  • it provides an output of 8.5 kiloWatt; 
  • it has a displacement of 1028 cc;
  • the aspiration is natural; 
  • liquid cooled
  • the injection of fuel is indirect.

Designed and engineered to last for a really long time, the diesel light towers for sale by Italtower has a high efficiency combustion: a feature that will let you save money on fuel and reduce the emissions of polluting gases. Further, the number of moving parts has been reduced as much as possible: any user will appreciate the low amount of vibrations and noise, making the working environment much more comfortable.

Italtower suggests that you should check the technical data sheet of the diesel light towers for sale with care, so that you get to know all its features and details: it is the only way to make sure that the product suits your needs, and once you have made your mind up your purchase will be done in a matter of a few days! After all, why waste your precious time?

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