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Led portable light tower for sale

Do you have in mind something like a led portable light tower for sale? Compare all the prices you have found so far with those of Italtower: you can do it right now

The technology of LED lights (it is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode) has represented a significant improvement in the sector of illumination. Not only can they be extremely small - allowing you to save precious space - but they are also well known for their durability (compared to traditional lights) and their low energy consumes: a good example of how technology should give us products that are able to respect the environment more.

The led portable light tower for sale designed by Italtower is simply a reference point, with its sound-proofed canopy, its axle with suspension and the 4x185 Watt Led lights. But if your needs are different, you can also choose:

  • a vertical tower with 4x1500 Watt halogen lights and rigid single axle;
  • a tower with metal iodide lights (4x400W);
  • a light tower with metal iodide lights (4x1000W) and axle without brakes;
  • a vertical metal iodide light tower with suspension and sound proofed canopy.

But if you do want the best and you need to illuminate an area as if it was daytime, then the best led portable light tower for sale you can find is the one made in Piove di Sacco, Italy, by Italwower: a firm that is specialized in producing generator sets, pumps with a motor and lighting towers.

Fill in our form with your data (name, telephone number and city, email address) and request any information you might need: we well be ready to contact you as soon as possible, making sure that you will not have to wait for too long: at Italtower there is a led portable light tower for sale just for you!

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