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Light tower for construction sites

Has it been difficult so far to find the right light tower for construction sites? Things will change if you read the following lines concerning Italtower.

Made of a complex of many activities, building construction is a long process: it all starts with planning and designing, just to continue with the search of funds and the actual building, and it’s not over until the final structure is complete. A large number of professional figures are involved in this process, and among them we can mention:

  • several engineers (construction engineer, design engineer…);
  • architects;
  • a project manager;
  • a construction manager;
  • all the workers.

Italtower is a name to remember if your target is to find a light tower for construction sites designed and made in Italy with an extreme care for all the details that are able to make it a valuable tool to bring the correct amount of light to all the workers of a construction area - whatever time of the day it is.

The technical specifications of the motor for our light tower for construction sites are there for you to read and check: take a few minutes to compare all these data and you will make your mind up, cause there is no better alternative. Its compact design and the multiple power take-offs make its use more flexible, and the low amount of vibrations and the reduced noise guaranteed by the advanced technique of Italtower’s design are surely a plus.

The light tower for construction sites made in Italy by Italtower are also environmentally friendly, as the injection system is studied to reduce significantly the amount of emissions - as required by the most strict recent international standards: maybe a small, but important step towards sustainability.

More information and our catalogue can be found visiting our homepage.

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