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Lighting towers with metal halide floodlights

Do you need lighting towers that have metal halide floodlights but you don't know where find them? The reason is that you had not met Italtower before, but if you continue reading everything will be sorted out.

When a binary compound is formed by a halogen atom and an element which electronegativity is higher, it is called a halide. Typical examples of halide are fluorides, bromides, chlorides and iodides, and some of them are very common (like NaCl, the common salt). Metal halides are used in the lamps of most street lights around the world, as their energetic efficiency is higher compared to mercury vapour lamps.

When lighting towers with metal halide floodlights are needed, Italtower is the right brand. Halide lights are present in our:

  • vertical and horizontal towers;
  • light towers with a rigid single axle (with no brakes) or with suspension;
  • 4x400 and 4x1000 Watt floodlights;
  • their covering might be canopied or in sound-proofed canopy.

Italtower is perfect if you intend to use the lighting towers with metal halide floodlights in an airport: the floodlights are available in a wide range of outputs and they can even be personalized according to your requests, with all the advantages of a portable tower that can be moved wherever there is a need for some lighting.

Whatever the size and the number of passengers using the airport, Italtower represents an ideal solution, also thanks to the low consumption of energy (the lighting towers with metal halide floodlights are extremely efficient, reducing both costs and air pollution) and to the facts that risks are reduced to the minimum, cause safety should always come first. Check all the specification by reading our data sheets.

And for any question, we are always available: just contact us!

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