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Are you finding it difficult, if not impossible, to identify the right mobile light towers supplier? There is a company you have not met yet, and it is probably time to do it: its name is Italtower, and here is something about it…

Piove di Sacco is a municipality of North-eastern Italy located in the province of Padova with almost 20 thousand inhabitants, cultural capital of the area called Saccisica. Along with its interesting monuments, both religious (a cathedral, churches, a sanctuary) and non religious (palaces, villas, a theatre and the Casoni - typical buildings by the Venice lagoon), Piove di Sacco is also known for the quality of its technologic products.

Italtower is the right mobile light towers supplier if what you seek is the quality of Made in Italy applied to modern devices connected to lighting. Safe when moving, you can always improve them and make them more suitable for your specific needs choosing from a long list of optional accessories, such as:

  • rotary halogen lights;
  • white rectangular strips reflecting the light;
  • red triangular reflectors;
  • different types of cable reel;
  • rear multi-function lights.

From your mobile light towers supplier you want to receive detailed information on the possible use of the light towers in the agricultural sector: Italtower can guarantee that its towers are characterized by a very low consumption of energy, at the same time providing the high performances you were hoping to get.

The light on your fields at night will let you finish the job right on time, with no risk whatsoever for you and your co-workers - thanks to Italtower: the mobile light towers supplier that has the right solution for every situation!

More details and information are available: just visit our homepage.

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