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Mobile lighting tower for mining

Does your activity in mining sector and you require a mobile lighting tower for this type of work? Italtower has the knowledge to provide you with reliable portable light towers !

Mining is the activity of excavating in order to extract valuable minerals, metals, coal, diamonds. Men have looked for these materials since the prehistoric times because they needed them for their arrows, but mines are still active nowadays: in a wider meaning, also the extraction of natural gas (methane) or oil can be considered a sort of mining.

Italtower knows that mining has always been a dangerous activity for the workers, and that a top quality mobile lighting tower for mining is one of the most important devices that should be present on an site of excavation. Safety improvements have been done through the centuries and the modern technologies have certainly helped saving human lives, but accidents are always possibile in places where the illumination is not enough.

Along with the mobile lighting tower for mining, a generator set is necessary to bring the light right where you want it… and do not forget that several other applications are possible for the Italian light towers made by Italtower:

  • civil emergencies, when immediate intervention is requested;
  • sport complexes (football pitches, basketball courts and more);
  • small and large airports;
  • public parks, gardens, city squares;
  • public or private events.

Thus, whenever a mobile lighting tower for mining is useful or essential for reaching a goal, Italtower will be there with the right know-how and the modern devices, built using reliable components designed and built to last for long. And what about the price? We know you may be wondering about it, but the truth is that you are going to spend much less than you expected!

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