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Vertical mobile lighting tower

The vertical design of our lighting tower has different advantages: it is simple to use and you can personalize its height.

Our light towers are mobile towers that are equipped with a mast and some lights (metal halide bulbs, LED, electrodeless lamps). The energy is usually supplied by a diesel engine, even though alternative sources (batteries, solar panels, hydrogen generators) are possible.
The advantages of these towers include:

  • they are easy to transport;
  • their installation is usually simple anywhere;
  • they can illuminate very vast areas;
  • they tend to require little maintenance, as they are designed for rough environments;
  • they enhance the safety of the areas where they are used.

Italtower manufactures different models of vertical mobile lighting tower that are designed for being easily portable, helping you accomplish all the tasks you planned. With the advanced system of injection of their motor, they guarantee lower emissions (and therefore they help you save money) in compliance with the European emission standards (EURO, EPA, CARB).

Italtower’s vertical mobile lighting tower are ideal for important shows and events, as well as for industrial applications and for road working. Different types of floodlights (halogen, metal iodide, led) and several outputs (400 Watt, 1000 Watt, 1500 Watt, 185 Watt led) are available, depending on your needs.

As they reach a maximum height of 8.6 meters letting you get wherever you wanted! Further, they are equipped with a side inspection door (with a lock), and an axle with a suspension system is also available. Isn’t this what you needed and thought it was almost impossible to purchase?

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