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The lighting tower TOWERLOOP is a very interesting product because despite 7 meters heigh and the wide floodlights’ variety, can be operated by a single operator. Combined with generator ELENTEK power division, it is connectable in series with other TOWERLOOP using the whole power of the generator at constant fuel consumption.

Technical Specifications

  •  Lighting tower without internal generator with manual lifting system auto brake winch
  •  Connectable with network supply or generator, and in raw with other units
  •  1 single-phase socket 230V 16/32 A
  •  1 single-phase plug 230V 16/32 A
  •  Vertical zinc plating steel telescopic mast
  •  Mast and light 360° rotation
  •  Coiled cable to power the headlights
  •  Trolley fitted out with 2 wheels and 2 retractable handles
  •  4 adjustable in height and retractable stabilizers
  •  2 forklift guides for lifting machine
  •  On/Off switch for each lamps
  •  Zinc plating for outdoor application 
  •  Epoxy powder painted structure for outdoor application
  •  On request twilight switch

7 m height

4 x 150 W LED
4 x 150 W Multiled
4 x 400 W Metal halides

Principal Components

Connection in series with other units

Zinc plated steel mast with collecting pipe for floodlight coiled cable.

Retractable handles with safety grip.

Wide lateral door for easier maintenance directly on the yard.

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