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The lighting tower URANO has been designed to be combined with generators up to 20 kVA of any brand thanks to its trolley. The hydraulic lifting system up to 7,5 meters and the great design make it suitable for the most extreme conditions.

Technical Specifications

  •  Hydraulic lifting lighting tower trolley
  •  Lighting trolley up to 20 kVA generator of every brand
  •  Zinc plating steel telescopic mast
  •  Mast and light 355° rotation
  •  Coiled cable to power the headlights
  •  Slow single axle trolley
  •  4 adjustable in height and retractable stabilizers
  •  2 forklift holes and 4 eyes for lifting machine
  •  1 single-phase output 230V 16A
  •  On-Off switch for each lamps
  •  Lockable doors
  •  Zinc plating for outdoor application
  •  Epoxy powder painted structure for outdoor application

7,5 meters height

4 x 350W LED

Principal Components

Forklift eyes and guides for transportation.

Back room for generators up to 20 KVA open type or soundproof with eyes and forklift guides for lifting.

Hydraulic lifting system with 7 extentions up to 7,5 mt maximum height.

Reclining Tow bar for a safe and fast shipment

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