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Are you feeling a bit lost while reading about light towers with wheels? Reading about Italtower will help you understand more about them, and you can do it right now…

light towers with wheels model ITL 1680 MH H

ITL 1680 MH H

Vertical lighting tower
with hydraulic lifting system

Maximum height 8,6 m

4x400W metal halide lights

5 kVA 3000 RPM diesel
silent generator


light towers with wheels model Maw 1670 MH D50

Maw 1670 MH D50

Lighting tower
with manual lifting system

Maximum height 7 m

4x500w metal halide
floodlights included

5 kVA diesel
silent generator



The applications for mobile/towable machines for illumination are many: sometimes it is not possible to have a quick connection to the mains, and other times it is not financially feasible or convenient. This can be the case of road work sites, where the positioning of the illumination sources must change frequently, but also in case of an emergency - a situation in which is certainly difficult (if not impossible) to predict when and where a source of light is needed.

The world of Italtower is a world where some of the most advanced light towers with wheels can be purchased, taking advantage of a knowledge that comes from experience. At the same time, only great quality components are used in order to ensure the maximum reliability and the highest possible level of safety in the designated area.

Reading about the light towers with wheels engineered by Italtower, make sure you check all their specifications such as:

  • the type of lifting;
  • the power of the generator;
  • the kind of lights included;
  • the number of stabilizers and forklift holes;
  • the tank capacity.

All these parameters are studied to provide you with the light towers with wheels you need: a range of compact and silent tools that has made our customers happy for a good number of reasons. The towers with a generator, for example, are very easy to refuel, thanks to their external fuel cap and their single phase service socket. And do not forget that you can customize the products you choose, according to your specific needs.

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