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Are you browsing the internet pages searching for towable light towers for sale? You have just found them, thanks to Italtower: continue reading the following lines!

towable light towers for sale model BTG 2060 ALG K

BTG 2060 ALG K

Towable Lighting tower
with manual lifting system

Maximum height 6 m

4x500w halogen
floodlights included

5 kVA gasoline generator


for sale, datails

When an instrument, a machine, a generator or another device are not equipped with an engine, they need to be hauled to the places where their service is needed. This is the case of towable light towers for sale: they can be pulled to the required location and then used.

Italtower is a company based in North-eastern Italy in Piove di Sacco, near Padova. At a competitive price, in its catalogue you can find generator sets, pumps with a motor, towable light towers for sale and towers for lighting: their main components (alternators, motors…) and their mechanics are all engineered and/or designed in Italy, taking advantage of a know-how that fears no comparison.

Whether you are looking for mast and light devices or for gem-set powered products, anything you buy from Italtower will certainly give you some important advantages:

  • they are safe when moving;
  • they can be inspected easily;
  • they are practical to operate and easy to use;
  • they can be customized according to your own preferences.

Saving money and purchasing the best products is not always a possible combination: with

Italtower it can happen, so there is no need to search for cheaper towable light towers for sale that can not guarantee the same level of quality. This, in turn, will result in a more efficient use, allowing you to save energy and money: definitely a smart choice.

Whatever your field of application may be, at Italtower there is a possible solution - even in extreme situations like mining areas or other closed areas. Check our towable light towers for sale and read all their features and characteristics, the tower you need is just a few steps away from you.

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